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Terms & Conditions

The site, hereinafter referred to as “the Site” is a hotel and catering reservation tool with an e-commerce component.

It is edited by the company KOPSTER HOTEL, hereinafter referred to as KOPSTER HOTEL or the "Etablissement”, a simplified joint-stock company with capital of 100,000 €, whose head office is located at 67, quai Charles de Gaulle - 69006 LYON and registered in the Lyon Trade and Companies Register under number 835 083 528.

The site has free access. It is therefore intended for the general public, hereinafter referred to as the "Users".

For the application of these general conditions of sale, it is agreed that the User who has validated a reservation or an order will be called the "Customer", and that the Customer and KOPSTER HOTEL will be collectively called the "Parties" and individually a "Part ".

These general conditions of sale apply to all countries and all currencies. Any reservation or order implies full acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

KOPSTER HOTEL reserves the right to modify these general conditions of sale at any time by publishing a new version on the Site. The applicable general conditions of sale remain those that entered into force on the date of the reservation or the placing of the order.

"Confirmation email": Email sent by KOPSTER HOTELS, as the last step in the reservation or order process. This summarizes the reservation validated by the customer and confirms its receipt by the Site. The Confirmation Email constitutes a booking confirmation as defined below.

"Reservation confirmation": Dematerialized document which summarizes the characteristics of the services reserved at the end of the reservation process and its validation by the Customer. The reservation confirmation occurs in particular after a reservation is made on the Site, during which the entry of his credit card number as part of an online payment or a guarantee takes place before proceeding to its final validation.

"Establishment contract": Contract having as its object the supply by KOPSTER HOTELS of all the services defined below and which have actually been ordered by the Customer following the validation of his reservation online or by another method of reservation.

"Client": An adult natural person having full legal capacity when signing the Institution's contract.

"Reservation request": Reservation request for rooms or tables in the restaurant, made by the Customer via mobile communication services or by internet.

"Online reservation": Reservation of rooms, restaurant tables and any accessories or additional services offered by KOPSTER HOTELS on its Site.

"Reservation by phone or e-mail": Reservation of rooms, restaurant tables and any accessories or additional services offered by KOPSTER HOTELS by phone call or by sending an email by the Customer, responding to the registration process of reservation as described in these general conditions of sale.

"Services": Provisions of services marketed by KOPSTER HOTELS consisting, within the framework of a contract with the Establishment, in the provision of rooms whose essential characteristics are presented on the Site with or without meals and/or breakfasts and other additional services linked to temporary accommodation, and in particular artistic activities. These services in accordance with the provisions of Article L. 111-1 of the Consumer Code are listed on the Site.

"Extras": Provisions of services marketed by KOPSTER HOTELS consisting, within the framework of a contract between the Establishment and the Client, of different and complementary services to those offered in the provision of rooms whose essential characteristics are presented on the "Late Check-Out" Site: late check-out.

"Site": Electronic service operated by KOPSTER HOTELS on the Internet and accessible via the following URL:

"WAP": communication protocol the purpose of which is to provide access to the Internet using a mobile terminal.

2.1 Extent
These general conditions of sale apply, without restriction or reservation to all the services offered on the Site by KOPSTER HOTELS operating the aforementioned site, in particular for the purpose of booking rooms and other services additional to temporary accommodation in the establishment.
2.1.2. These general conditions of sale apply to all subscription operations for the services defined above carried out by the Customer.

2.2 Territory
The services appearing on the Site are offered to be provided to the Customer by KOPSTER HOTELS to the exclusion of any other place following an effective reservation by the Customer.

2.3 Duration
2.3.1. These general conditions apply throughout the duration of the online service by KOPSTER HOTELS on its website
2.3.2. KOPSTER HOTELS reserves the right, without notice or compensation, to temporarily or permanently close the website or the online reservation area.
2.3.3. KOPSTER HOTELS is not responsible for any damage of any kind that may result from temporary unavailability or the definitive closure of all or part of the site or the services associated with it, such as the online reservation area.

2.4 Legal regime
2.4.1. These general conditions of sale are subject to the provisions of Articles L. 121-16 et seq. Of the Consumer Code.
2.4.2. Any reservation for the consumption of the services defined above, made on the Site is subject to these general conditions of sale and to the specific price conditions for each of the said KOPSTER HOTELS services appearing below.

2.5. Subject
2.5.1. These general conditions of sale define the rights and obligations of the Parties in connection with the remote reservation of services offered by KOPSTER HOTELS on its Site.
2.5.2. They govern all the steps necessary for the reservation and the follow-up of the reservation between the Contracting Parties, its maintenance and its validity.

3.1. Any Customer acknowledges having the capacity to contract under the conditions described in these general conditions of sale, that is to say to have the legal majority and not to be under guardianship or guardianship. However, the Management of the Establishment reserves the right to request from the Client, upon his arrival in the Establishment, a supporting document of his identity including, in particular, an indication of his date of birth.

3.2. The Client acknowledges that these conditions are an integral part of the Establishment Contract.

3.3. The Customer accepts that the general conditions of sale, the contractual documents informing him of the specific services and prices of each of the services, as well as the order forms and the terms and conditions for doing so, are presented to him online on the Site for the purpose of the conclusion of the Establishment Contract.

3.4. The Customer declares to have obtained from KOPSTER HOTEL all the necessary information on the Site.

3.5. The Customer acknowledges having read these general conditions of sale, having accepted them, as well as all the terms of the proposal before placing his order and having accepted all of the terms.

3.6. Any validation of an online reservation from the Site by the Customer requires consultation and prior acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

3.7. The Customer's agreement concerning these general conditions of sale occurs during the reservation process, prior to the validation of his reservation.

3.8. The Customer, prior to ordering the services, declares that the reservation of these services is made for his personal needs.

3.9. The Customer has the option of saving and editing these general conditions of sale from the Site by using the standard functions of his browser and/or computer, in particular under the "GTC" tab.

3.10. The Customer expressly accepts that the entry of the required banking information, the acceptance of these general conditions of sale and the validation of the voucher or the reservation request, constitute an electronic signature within the meaning of article 1316-4 of the Civil Code which has, between the Parties, the same value as a handwritten signature.

3.11. The Customer, following the presentation of his identity document as stated in article 3.1 above, undertakes to complete the individual police form in the countries concerned by this article, in accordance with the provisions of article R 611-42 of the Code for the entry and stay of foreigners.

4.1. The site mentions the following information:

  • The identification of the company KOPSTER HOTELS indicating its corporate name, the address where it is established, its registration number and its e-mail address.
  • The essential characteristics of the accommodation offered (the sheets for each category of rooms offered can be consulted without reservation under the heading “OUR ROOMS”) for the establishment, during the reservation process under the room availability calendar and when choosing a room. the room according to the dates chosen by the Customer for his reservation, which may be illustrated with a photographic image of a room at the same price. It is however specified that the PHOTOS ARE NON-CONTRACTUAL insofar as the elements of interior presentation or decoration as well as the sizes of the rooms are different from one room to another.
  • The prices of each of the Services relating to accommodation and additional services.
  • Payment terms.
  • The general conditions of sale.
  • The period of validity of the offer and the price thereof.
  • The minimum duration of the proposed contract, if applicable.
  • The absence of the right of withdrawal and, where applicable, the terms of cancellation.

4.2. All the information on the Site is presented in French and English.

4.3. The content of the Site is the property of KOPSTER HOTELS and its partners and is protected by French and international laws relating to intellectual property. Any total or partial reproduction of this content is strictly prohibited and is liable to constitute an offense of counterfeiting. In addition, KOPSTER HOTELS remains the owner of all intellectual property rights in the photographs, presentations, studies, drawings, advertising media, etc., produced with a view to providing the Services to the Customer. The Customer therefore refrains from any reproduction or exploitation of said media without the express, written and prior authorization of KOPSTER HOTELS, which may make it conditional on financial compensation.

5.1. Online booking terms
5.1.1. The Customer chooses the Services presented on the Site, which offers him the possibility of reserving a room or a table, according to transparent contractual rates with or without options or Extras left to the Customer's free subscription.

5.1.2. The Customer acknowledges having read the nature, destination and reservation methods of the Services available on the Site and having requested and obtained the necessary and/or additional information to make their reservation in full knowledge of the facts.

5.1.3. The Customer is solely responsible for the choice of Services and their suitability for his needs so that KOPSTER HOTELS cannot be held liable in this regard.

5.1.4. The reservation is deemed to have been accepted by the Customer at the end of the reservation process by clicking on the "I BOOK!" field.

5.2. Online reservation process
5.2.1. The reservation is confirmed upon receipt by the Customer of the reservation confirmation sent by KOPSTER HOTELS, or when paying online by credit card under the conditions referred to in article 5.2.4. A confirmation screen will then appear online.

5.2.2. The Customer undertakes, prior to any reservation, to complete the requested information.

5.2.3. The Customer certifies the veracity and accuracy of the information transmitted.  

5.2.4. The reservation procedure, secured under the conditions of article 9 below, includes in particular the following steps, it being specified that it is always possible for the Customer to reverse the reservation process:

  1. Choice of the start date of the stay (arrival) and the end date of the stay (departure).
  2. If the arrival and departure dates are not entered, a calendar showing the available or full days for the previously selected establishment is displayed. For each available day, the calendar includes the best available rate under the date. This shows the best available rate per night and for a customer. By clicking on the dates, the Customer can select his day of arrival and departure and thus access the following steps.  
  3. Choice of the number of rooms reserved: the Customer determines by a click the number of rooms chosen on the dates of his stay. If several rooms are booked, the reservation process continues room by room.
  4. Choice of the number of adults for the room: the Customer determines by a click the number of adults per room.
  5. Choice of the number of children for the room: the Customer determines by a click the number of children per room.
  6. Choice of rooms and associated prices: The Customer determines by clicking between the different rooms and available prices offered according to the information entered during the previous steps, including their essential characteristics, such as the category of the room on the previously chosen date, its price, level of equipment, any Services and Extras included for special offers, cancellation conditions, payment conditions. It is hereby reminded that THE PHOTOS OR PERSPECTIVES INTEGRATED IN THE SITE ARE NON-CONTRACTUAL.
  7. Choice of Services and Extras: the Customer can add by a simple click and according to their availability, one or more Services and Extras offered according to the information entered during the previous steps. These Services and Extras have specific prices, quantities and characteristics. By clicking on “add” or “add an item”, the Customer completes the selection and entry of the items subject to the online reservation without prejudice, however, to being able to modify the items of his reservation by going back through the reservation process previously made.
  8. Reservation summary: display of the reservation summary in an insert on the left.
  9. Finalization of the reservation: by clicking on the “I RESERVE!” Button, the Customer validates the elements summarized and displayed making up his reservation and displays the fields necessary for the Customer to enter information about his identity, his contact details, including the postal address, e-mail and telephone number, and type of stay, as well as the method of payment and the details of the bank card used for online payment, for taking out a guarantee by contact details credit card depending on the rate chosen; acceptance of these general conditions of sale; at the final validation by the Customer of his reservation by clicking under the field "I RESERVE!" at the bottom of the page. Before confirming his reservation, the Customer can write in a field dedicated for this purpose "special requests", a request for clarification or a special request, which is not contractually guaranteed by KOPSTER HOTELS unless a written response to the registration of the request with the possibility of providing the requested service including the indication of its price if applicable for the purposes of acceptance by the Customer. By clicking on "I BOOK!", the Customer pays, or gives his guarantee by bank card, depending on the rate he has reserved.

Last step: registration by KOPSTER HOTELS of the reservation made by the Customer and allocation of a related reservation confirmation number.

5.3. Formation of the online contract
5.3.1. In accordance with articles 3.10 and 5.2.4, the Establishment's Contract is formed at the time of the Customer's booking confirmation by KOPSTER HOTELS including the allocation of a related booking confirmation number as stated in the previous article.

5.3.2. The establishment of the contract can only take place after the Customer has previously chosen the content of his reservation which was completely summarized to him at the last step of the reservation process, that he has accepted these general conditions of sale. and finally that he validated his reservation by clicking on the button "I RESERVE!" ". Otherwise, the reservation is considered interrupted and cannot produce any effect.  

5.3.3. In all cases of online reservation, a summary e-mail is sent to the Customer to the e-mail address he has indicated in the field reserved for this purpose. This email constitutes an acknowledgment of receipt of the reservation and the confirmation of the reservation which recapitulates the terms of the contract, the reserved services, the prices, the price conditions relating to the selected tariff, the information relating to the after-sales service and the commercial guarantees if they exist, the modalities of exercising the possible right of cancellation, as well as the address of KOPSTER HOTELS to which the Customer can present his complaints.

5.4. Other reservation methods (except "online")
5.4.1. Reservation by phone: Reservations by telephone as defined below are made using the telephone numbers referenced on the Site. When the Customer makes a reservation request by telephone, KOPSTER HOTELS offers the available rates and related additional services according to the Customer's request on the dates requested. KOPSTER HOTELS also makes a request for a telephone number and an e-mail address where KOPSTER HOTELS will send it, these general conditions of sale as well as the summary of its reservation request, and, if applicable, the request for the indication of bank details for the purposes of recording the reservation, with or without payment during the price reservation process, a deposit or a guarantee by credit card details according to the applicable rate determined by the Customer when requesting a reservation. All the information and conditions required by KOPSTER HOTELS in response to the Customer's reservation request by telephone constitute substantial formalities for the recording of the Customer's reservation made by telephone. Otherwise, the reservation cannot be validated or confirmed. By returning at least by e-mail the information required by KOPSTER HOTELS, the Customer may not complain of the failure to register his reservation, the Establishment's Contract not being formed due to its failure to provide this information and conditions. Only the written confirmation of the registration of the reservation will be valid as a conclusion of the contract.

5.4.2. Reservation by E-mail: The reservation by E-mail as defined below is made to the e-mail address indicated on the page of the site: When the reservation request is made by e-mail, it is offered by KOPSTER HOTELS, by the return of an e-mail to the address from which the reservation request is made, the available prices and related additional services, depending on the Customer's request on the dates he requests. KOPSTER HOTELS sends him by the same return e-mail the present general conditions of sale at his request as well as the summary of his reservation request, and, if applicable, the request for the indication of bank details for the needs of registration of your reservation, with or without payment during the price reservation process. All the information and conditions required by KOPSTER HOTEL in response to the Customer's reservation request by e-mail constitute substantial formalities for the recording of the Customer's reservation made by e-mail. In the absence of the Customer, having made a reservation request by e-mail, not to comply with the requirements expected by these general conditions of sale of KOPSTER HOTELS, the Customer will not be able to complain about the failure to register his reservation. . Only the written confirmation of the registration of the reservation is taken for granted.

5.5 Right of Withdrawal / Cancellation by the Customer:

5.5.1. The Customer is reminded, in accordance with article L. 121-20-4 of the Consumer Code, that he does not have the right of withdrawal as provided for in article L. 121-20 of the French Consumer Code. Consumption, as long as the services are provided on a date or according to a determined periodicity.

5.5.2. Without prejudice to the provisions referred to in article 5.5.1, the contractual conditions may, where appropriate, provide, depending on the content of the reservation validated by the Customer, and as indicated for each tariff, a right of cancellation. when the reservation is made under the wording “Flexible rates / flexible rates”. In this case, the Customer was able to take note of the related cancellation conditions, which are also recalled during the various stages leading to payment.

5.5.3. If the special conditions of the tariff allow it, either for the only reservations made under the wording "Flexible rates / flexible rates" or under another wording expressly mentioning the benefit of this right of cancellation, the right of cancellation by the Customer must be exercised before 6:00 p.m. the day before arrival - Paris time (France). Late notification of cancellation entails the application of late cancellation fees amounting to an amount equal to the first night's accommodation, plus any Extras appearing in the Customer's reservation, according to the applicable rate, all taxes included, in the reservation validated by the Customer.

5.5.4. The right of cancellation defined in article 5.5.2, may be implemented by the Customer on the Site, under the "My account" page, after having logged in with his confirmation number or by E -mail and password. The "Option" tab then proposes the cancellation of the reservation. By clicking on the "CANCEL MY RESERVATION" button, the cancellation will take effect immediately and all packages associated with this reservation will also be canceled. A cancellation confirmation email will then be sent to the Customer. Depending on the offers selected by the Customer, cancellation by telephone is also possible. This must be accompanied by an e-mail from the Customer and will follow by a cancellation confirmation e-mail from KOPSTER HOTELS. 

5.5.5. In the event of interruption of the stay, the entire agreed price will be collected without the right to a refund or to any credit or exchange for the Customer for the unused part of the stay in the Establishment. In the case of a reservation with payment during the reservation process, no refund will be granted as a result.

5.5.6. Unless expressly provided to the contrary, in particular, in the event of an Extras subscription for this purpose, the Customer must vacate the room before 12 noon on the day of the end of his stay. Otherwise, and subject to availability, a Late Check-Out will be offered. This will be billed at 50% of the reference price for the room on the day of the Late Check-Out. This pricing will end at 6 p.m. French time. After this period, an additional night will be billed. The nightly rates will change depending on the room occupied as well as the monopolized day. In the event of non-availability of a room, KOPSTER HOTELS reserves the right to access the non-vacated room in order to prepare the room for new arrivals.

5.5.7. Without prejudice to the application of the right of cancellation under the conditions of article 5.5 for the "Flexible rates", any no-show of the Client at the Establishment or "no show" (reservation not canceled in the event of right of cancellation and Client not present) without prior information from KOPSTER HOTELS to take possession of the room he has reserved, is equivalent to the release of his reservation in its entirety implying the return to availability of the reserved overnight stay (s) and automatically entails the ''first night's payment of the costs relating to the reserved stay", including all the Extras reserved, all taxes included, without any right to reimbursement for the benefit of the Customer.

5.5.8. The conditions mentioned in article 6 prevails over all reservation methods: internet, e-mail, or telephone.

6.1. The prices relating to the reservation of services are indicated before and during the reservation process. The prices are valid in real time and are displayed under the conditions provided in article 5.2.4. Likewise, for other reservation methods by telephone or e-mail, the rates are valid at the time of the reservation request made by the Customer. In any event, the special pricing conditions linked to each rate/type of room, or additional services, appear opposite each of the services that are the subject of the reservation by the Customer.

6.2. The prices indicated are per room and per adult, it being specified that the rate chosen implies by default and except subscription of a specific "Extra", for this purpose, a check-in of the room by the Customer at 3:00 p.m. and a release from it (check-out) at 12:00 p.m. Upon check-in, bank pre-authorization, as well as an identity document, will be required. During the check-out, if the Customer does not show up, KOPSTER HOTELS reserves the right to debit the credit card left in the imprint during the check-in.

6.3. Prices are subject to value-added tax (VAT) and are displayed as an amount including VAT at the rate in effect at the time of confirmation of the reservation, in Euros, or in the currency selected by the Customer. The prices displayed are only valid for the period indicated on the Site.

6.4. If payment is made in a currency other than the currency of the Client's country of residence, the exchange costs will be borne by the Client.

6.5. All reservations are payable in Euros as specified during the reservation process.

6.6. Unless otherwise stated, additional services, such as breakfast and other Services and Extras that may be selected, are not included in the price. However, the price of these additional services validated in the Customer's reservation is payable during the online or offline reservation process when the rate is different from the "Flexible rates / Flexible rate". These rates are also subject to VAT at the rate in effect at the time of booking, if applicable, depending on the regulations applicable for these categories of products or services at a rate other than that applicable to the reservation of rooms.

6.7. Tourist tax:

- Kopster Hotel Lyon Groupama Stadium : 1.65 € per adult/night.

- Kopter Hotel & Résidence paris Ouest Colombes : 7.48 € per adult/night.

6.8. The prices take into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order and any change in the rate applicable to VAT will be automatically reflected in the prices indicated, in particular in the event of a change in the rate applicable on the day of consumption of the stay and the Extras subscribed in relation to at the rates applicable at the time the reservation was made.

6.9. If a rate implies that payment is made at the Establishment at the time of arrival or departure of the stay, and the Customer's currency is not the same as that of the country in which the Establishment is located, the rate charged by the latter is likely to be different from that which was communicated during the reservation, given the possible evolution of exchange rates between the date of reservation and the dates of stay at the Establishment.

6.10. Any item stolen from the room during the stay will be billed at the current rate, it being specified that these rates are available at the reception of the Establishment.

6.11. In the event of damage to the room, common areas and various objects or theft of decorative objects, KOPSTER HOTELS reserves the right to invoice the Customer at the rate of the damage caused or the stolen objects.

6.12 The prices issued are determined by a practice of fine-tuning prices. They may therefore depend on a number of parameters such as (non-exhaustive list): the date of booking, the date of stay, the time between these two dates, etc.

7.1. The Customer communicates his bank details as a guarantee of the reservation except for special conditions or rates requiring online payment as stipulated during the reservation process and, in particular, those offered under the words "Best available rate".
The entry of means of payment is secured by SSL encryption. The following information will be requested from the Customer in order to finalize his reservations: card number, validity date and visual cryptogram as part of online payment via the payment platform dedicated for this purpose. The same applies to the communication of bank details required in the context of reservations made by telephone or e-mail according to the formal conditions required which involve either payment when booking or the requirement of a security deposit. by credit card imprint according to the price of the reservation.

7.2. Payment is debited at the Establishment during the stay, except in the case of special conditions or rates where payment is debited when booking when it concerns certain rates subject to the requirement. Payment during the reservation process according to the related specific contractual conditions previously accepted by the Customer.

7.3. The service provider chosen by KOPSTER HOTELS to secure online payments by credit card checks the validity of the Customer's payment card. There may be a refusal of the payment card for several reasons: card stolen, card blocked, limit reached, entry error, etc. In the event of difficulty or impediment, the Customer must, on the one hand, contact his bank. to identify its origin, on the other hand, from the Establishment to confirm its reservation and method of payment.

7.4. If the Customer reserves several rooms but the payment, online and in any case during the reservation process, is only necessary for one room, for example, in this case, the payment card that is used on the platform form of payment allows, on the one hand, to pay for the room concerned by the online payment and, in any case during the reservation process, on the other hand, to serve as a guarantee for the other rooms.

7.5. At the time of online payment and in any case when required during the reservation process, the amount that is debited during the reservation includes: the price of the accommodation, the taxes related to the accommodation, the price of additional services or "Extras".

7.6. In the case of a rate subject to online payment, the debit is made at the time of the completion of his reservation by the Customer following a computer process of online debit.

7.7. Following the stay at KOPSTER HOTELS and regardless of how the reservation was made, an invoice is issued in duplicate by KOPSTER HOTELS, a copy of which is given or sent by e-mail to the Customer when he leaves the Establishment.

7.8. During the Customer's stay, when the payment, online and in any case during the reservation process, has not already been made, and if the amount of the Customer's invoice exceeds the value of 400 Euros, the Management may require payment for the service provided, for said stay, in the forms provided for in this article 7.

7.9. Payment by check is not accepted, whether it is a temporary accommodation service, and/or catering service and/or any other services or sales of products delivered by KOPSTER HOTELS to the Client during his stay in the Establishment.

7.10 In any event, any "Extras" or other services that has been booked and delivered by KOPSTER HOTELS during the Customer's stay and that has not been the subject of prior payment when booking must be paid by the Customer at the latest during Check-out.

8.1. For any complaint, the Customer is invited to send a letter or an E-mail to the Establishment, at the latest within 7 days from the end of the stay:

12 rue Simone Veil
69150 Décines-Charpieu

65 Rue Germaine Tillion
92700, Colombes

1 Bd Victor
75015 Paris

After submitting a complaint to the customer service department and in the absence of a satisfactory response within 30 days, the customer may refer the matter to the Tourism and Travel Mediator, whose contact details and procedures for making a complaint are available on his website:

8.1. KOPSTER HOTELS is bound by the guarantee of conformity of the services, under the conditions set out in Articles L. 111-2 et seq. Of the Consumer Code, without prejudice to any additional contractual guarantee which may be agreed particularly between the Parties, in outside of these general conditions of sale, following a written contract duly signed by the Parties.  

8.2. KOPSTER HOTELS strives to ensure that the photographs, graphic representations and texts provided give as accurate an overview as possible of the accommodation, catering and other additional services offered. However, THE PHOTOGRAPHS ARE NON-CONTRACTUAL, because, on the one hand, the different rooms, even when they come under the same price, all have different dimensions, and, on the other hand, variations may occur, in particular, due to the change of furniture, new decoration or possible renovations. Subject to availability, with the exception of a reservation made with an express request for the allocation of a particular room and which would be confirmed in writing, to this effect, by KOPSTER HOTELS,

8.3. KOPSTER HOTELS cannot be held responsible for the non-performance or improper performance of the reservation in the event of force majeure, due to a third party, caused by the Customer or made by its partners such as the unavailability of the internet network, the impossibility of access to the Site, external intrusion, computer viruses or, in the event of online payment, the refusal of the bearer's banker to authorize the transaction.

8.4. Although KOPSTER HOTELS offers in the Establishment, and, more particularly, in the rooms, the restaurant and in the common areas, a service of Internet access by WIFI, in the event of failure of operation of this service not attributable to the '' Establishment, total or partial, for any reason whatsoever, during the duration of the stay in the Establishment, there can be no right for the benefit of the Customer to terminate the reservation, or to refund the reservation, or to any compensation whatsoever.

8.5. KOPSTER HOTELS will not incur any responsibility for all indirect and/or immaterial damage, in particular, loss of profit, operating loss, act of a third party, act of the Customer, or act of its partners.

8.6. Hypertext links on the Site may refer to sites other than the KOPSTER HOTELS site, which disclaims all liability for the content of these sites and the services offered.

8.7. Safety deposit boxes are available to Customers in each room. Under no circumstances will the Establishment be liable for theft or damage caused to valuables left by the Customer in the rooms or in vehicles parked in the Establishment's car park.

8.8 KOPSTER HOTELS cannot be held responsible for damage caused by animals present in the establishment, which remain under the responsibility of their owner or guardian in accordance with the provisions of article 1242 of the Civil Code. KOPSTER HOTELS reserves the right to invoice the owner or custodian, at the rate of the damage caused.

9.1. The information requested from the Customer during the reservation process, which is fully secure from start to finish, is necessary for processing their order and will be communicated to KOPSTER HOTELS and / or to its online payment provider.

9.2. In accordance with the provisions of law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, each Customer has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete with regard to information concerning him, under the conditions provided for by law and the regulations in force with KOPSTER HOTELS. The Customer also has, for legitimate reasons, a right to oppose the processing of data concerning him. The Customer, if he wishes more information, can refer to the Personal Data Protection Charter established by the Lavorel Hotels group, governing the use of all personal data collected by the Customer.

9.3. The Customer is informed that all the personal data collected during the entire reservation process will be subject to automated processing, the processing manager of which is KOPSTER HOTELS. The Customer, if he wishes more information, can refer to the Personal data protection charter established by the Lavorel Hotels group.

9.4. In particular when paying online, the Customer's bank details must be sent by the payment provider to the establishment's bank, for the execution of the establishment's contract. The Customer is informed that this data transfer can therefore be carried out in foreign countries which do not have adequate personal data protection within the meaning of law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 (art. 69). However, the Customer consents to this transfer for the execution of his contract. The payment service provider has undertaken to KOPSTER HOTELS to take all security and data confidentiality measures for said data transfers.         

9.5. The reservation of nights and/or Extras in the establishment concerned and their consumption by Customers and/or their accompanying persons, or even the mere presence in the establishment does not authorize any audiovisual recording operation, taking of view, photography whether in the premises and dependencies of the Establishment including the rooms with a view to their commercial, promotional, advertising, press relations or public relations use, website illustration, etc..., and more generally of any collective use or likely to involve an audience. The interior architecture, the graphic creations adorning the common areas and the rooms of the establishment are protected by copyright, the rights of which are fully reserved. Any audiovisual recording session.

10.1. These general conditions of sale are governed by French law.

10.2. In the event that one of the provisions of these general conditions of sale would be declared null or ineffective, in any way and for any reason whatsoever, it would be deemed unwritten and would not result in the nullity of the other provisions.
All disputes that may arise between the Parties on the occasion of the interpretation and/or execution of these general conditions of sale will be subject, in the absence of amicable agreement, to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court of jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal of Lyon, with the exception of disputes concerning non-commercial persons and for which the legal rules of attribution of jurisdiction apply.

10.3. All rooms are non-smoking. If the Customer lights a cigarette inside the Establishment, KOPSTER HOTELS will be required to charge a penalty up to €250 to the Customer's bank card.

You have the option of registering free of charge on a BLOCTEL telephone cold calling list ( so that you can no longer be cold-called by a professional with whom you have no current contractual relationship, in accordance with law number 2014-344 of 17 March 2014 relating to consumption. 

All consumers can register free of charge on this list at

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