Circular book tower by the lounge area at Kopster Hotel
More than a place to stay

About Kopster Hotels

More than a place to stay, Kopster Hotels are, above all, a destination of conviviality. It is a place with a unique style, where kindness, attentiveness and hospitality lie at the heart of our philosophy and dedication to upholding the spirit of Lavorel Hotels. 

Bartender garnishing a cocktail served at Kopster Hotel

Kopster refers to the "Kop" of supporters, evoking the passion and enthusiasm that drive us to take care of you and serve you with enthusiasm and warmth. 

3 bartenders posing with cocktails and shakers at Kopster Hotel

An opportunity for new activity and adventure for some and cozy cocooning for others, our hotels are where life and emotions are honored and stays are experienced far from uniform standards and codes. We make it easy for guests to meet, celebrate, connect and dine in a distinctly warm atmosphere.

Dining table setup in a Restaurant at Kopster Hotel